Here are some nice testimonials from SKBOWE users around the world. If you have installed your SKBOWE and haven’t sent me pics – please do!


My original Pre-KBOWE was still working, but I figured I should be the first guinea pig. Super easy to install, 15 minutes max (not including HID install). Took longer to take out the original KBOWE…

— theshadow27 @ swedespeed (12 July 2017)


Yep, before I shipped a single SKBOWE I was the guinea pig for two weeks! This is SKBOWE #001 installed in my 2005 S40 T5 AWD M66 (p.s. these are the images from the install guide).


INSANE custom setup with Morimoto “mini” 4.0 D2S bi-xenon from – custom bracket fab and all. Be sure to check out Tom’s how-to on p1nation or  BoulderC30’s thread on C30 Crew (login required) for more pics!!!

Just went for a drive after I aligned them, and WOW. you really project light out really far with these babies. kind of insane. secondly, you can see road signs from miles away because of how they light those up, sort of a funny perspective to see. got the bi-xenon functionality working. wow wow wow.

boulderc30 @ C30Crew (2 Feb 2018)


Skbowe #006 is up and running – morimoto 55w and 6500k bulbs

— FischeT5 @ C30Crew (5 Dec 2017)


Installed and working. Ill get some nightshots and fine tuning tonight hopefully. Writeup soon to follow……hopefully. I did take pics and document. The only thing left to do is figuring how to splice in the shield actuator for bi-xenon. Thank you for delivering this to the community.

— rhags @ swedespeed (22 Jul 2017)


Also, thanks very much to you and Nick for the helpful guides on identifying the “good stuff”. It was most helpful to me. This will be my first lighting upgrade project and it’s insanely great to have all these resources here at SwedeSpeed. The miserable low beams in these P1 cars certainly need it.

HOLY CRAP. Even with just one headlamp converted, the lighting performance is amazingly improved. Night driving is so much better, especially dipped beam coverage. Distance, width, brightness – it’s all good.

I decided that I will probably go in and shim the projectors down a bit to get the halogen high beam up where it should be. While the Bi-Xenon high beam coverage is very good, the extra halogen illumination at mid-range detracts slightly from long distance visibility. Can’t wait to get the other side done, too.

— Keith / walk_talky20 @ swedespeed (2 Jan 2018)


Been running your SKBOWE since the first batch. E46 with 5500k morimotos and wired the flaps. Great job dude. Had zero issues yet!

SirScarFace @ swedespeed (16 Sep 2017)


I am impressed at how well everything works now, feels like a factory setup. Previously when using the Morimoto HD harness, the passenger light would turn off 2 seconds before the drivers side, but now they’re both instant. Also, no more bulb out warning!

Mr. Breakfast @ C30Crew (13 Oct 2017)


I have been running my SKBOWE with Morimoto XB35 for three weeks now and I am very impressed with the light output. It’s night and day compared to the halogens. I originally used the 50W ballast, but this overpowered the headlight and I was being flashed by other drivers. The 35W kit is the perfect setup, in terms of not being overly bright and still giving a good light output. I have not been flashed with this setup, which is important. I have kept my setup stock so I am using the existing projector, but I do see the appeal of going down the E46 route. If you are looking to keep it simple, by using the existing projector with 35W ballast is the perfect combination. I have been waiting for a safe solution to run HID in my C30. A big shout out to Jacob for designing the SKBOWE. He has designed a high quality product and is very knowledgeable when you are seeking help. If you have been waiting to upgrade your halogen P1 Volvo with HID, you need SKBOWE!
Saab @ swedespeed (2 Oct 2017)


Firstly, big thanks for theshadow27 for designing and building these SKBOWEs. He’s the real hero here! I haven’t had any issues with bulbs or ballasts. The BOW works correctly, and everything lights up quickly

— mgm7890 @ swedespeed (7 Aug 2017)


 I finally got around to installing the SKBOWE in the S40. So far everything has been great…no issues at all! Thanks for all your help and for a great product!! As requested, here are some pics for you.
— Alex (9 Oct 2017)


It’s taken a while install setup for my car but here it is.

Skbowe is great, zero problems on first ignition, zero message on dashboard as well 🙂
Thank you for help and skbowe
— Bart (4 Jun 2018)


Dude, nice build quality!  Way exceeds my expectations.

Here’s a few photos.  Including light measurements in KLux… As expected my 35 watt HIDs are more than double the visible light output compared to the Crystal Vision halogens I replaced.
Thanks Again!
— Jason (6 Nov 2017)


Two days ago I’ve recieved the SKBOWE by mail so today…. It’s a perfect day to upgrade my lightingsystem 😉 Installing is very easy, although the weather was not very helpfull, but luckily after the snow I had enough time to place the SKBOWEs in time.

I have used the H7 6000k canbusfree xenon set, I have bought at the Dutch website They told me this set was PWM proof and they have sold it to fit to many V50’s but… P1’s are behaving strange sometimes 😉 So for the safety I’ve placed te SKBOWE’s…

After installing I was very curious if the xenons would work so… I dipped the switch on my steeringwheel and.. Voila! Let there be light!

— Wim (8 Dec 2017)


I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a DDM 6500k 35w kit to have nicer lights sooner rather than later. I’ll probably grab some Morimotos later down the road.
Install was smooth and quick, I’ve got my skbowes the same place as yours on the website install guide. I zip tied the ballasts to the top frame that runs over the headlight housings.
Huge improvement!
Thanks again!!
— Austin (12/22/17)


First off thanks for taking the time and effort to create the SKBOWE. Yes it was pricey, but the fact that you’re actually losing money and time making these is a sign of a true enthusiast. I have to say, your website is very well designed as well and very informational. Also, thanks for your contributions to the volvo community forums.
Installation went pretty smooth and I followed your guide to the “T”, even being sure to check the multi-meter readings to ensure a proper ground and did the position 0 delete. Bored out a hole in the back of the headlight cover and now my light are all set up and sealed, even got the bi-xenon set up so that I have top notch high beams as well. No more condensation on the inside (as was happening with the LEDs since I left the back cover off so they could fit/breathe, pictured), no more flickering BOW, and I feel secure knowing that my WMM won’t cook during a rain storm.
Thanks again for making HID possible and safe for us P1 Volvoers,
— Evan (1 Jan 2018)


Your skbowe’s are great! HID’s are working now without failing WWM or flickering.

Great visability in dark now. I am really pleased with the result!
— Chris (17 Dec 2017)


Installed a morimoti elite HID kit and my SKBOWEs this weekend. Best location seemed like inside the wheel wells, I decided to go ahead and drill/tap holes instead of making brackets and I think it looks pretty OEM

MJC70 @ C30Crew (15 July 2018)


I finally installed. Everything works great.

There are some small differences either in the size of the XB55 ballast, or the facelift c30; I couldn’t fit both the ballast and skbowe on the backside of the metal framework behind the headlight.
I improvised a bit and it was a tight squeeze.

The SKBOWE fired up first time, no issues, no bulb-out warning, no flickering, just beautiful new bright HIDs and peace of mind with the added grounding point.

Velvet @ C30Crew (14 Aug 2018)



This is the easiest HID retrofit I’ve ever done, by a huge margin. It took me literally less than ten minutes to remove the passenger headlight, replace the halogen projector with a bixenon unit, plug in the SKBOWE between power supply and ballast, attach the ground wire and tuck in everything for testing functionality.

It works right off the bat. No error codes, no problems at all, nothing. Just a normal faint buzz from the ballast powering up and it’s done, like a factory option. Without the fear of blowing up the wiper module or anything.

Combined with a bolt-on bixenon retrofit kit (Retrofitlab S40/V50 kit also has plug-in connectors for high beam solenoid) SKBOWE is probably the hottest sh*t that has happened in P1 lighting upgrade field ever.

_hq @ swedespeed (12 Nov 2018)


Did my retrofit last night. Thanks to Jacob for the help!

Currently running with the stock projector housing and H11 HIDs. Aside from cutting a hole in the back cover, this is a plug and play setup and low beam performance is literally a night and day difference (pun intended).

chris@swedespeed (!!!) (9 Dec 2018)


This is the best install so far, 2012 C30… Will work some into the install guide if there is ever another batch.